I am Sylvester Norman and you can easily call me FITNESS FREAK. Being in early 40’s, I am really working hard to keep my body in good shape and try to execute new fitness methods. Without any doubt, I have tasted success and I do feel really fit. It has been tough going for me personally, as I work on computer all the time and heavy sitting has really affected my health badly.

Only 3 years back, I decided to bring massive changes in my lifestyle and added nice exercise schedule along with proper diet plan. I am in good position now and got abundance of experience to help other guys. Finally, I decided to create a website and try to share my fitness niche experiences. It has been wonderful till date as not only I have helped many people but even learnt a lot.

I never use my website as a source of promotion and only express my genuine views about fitness products and programs. If you are the one looking to improve your fitness, you can surely follow by official online source. You can post your comments to share your own views and I am more than happy to consider them all the time.